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Hats off to you for looking at information that can help you fix your computer, and not throwing your money down the drain with a computer technician.

I know that when people think about computer problems and repairs they always think that it’s a daunting task. When the problem is simple and they usually are. You don’t need a specialist you need information that can help you solve your problem.

We at PC Fix and Repair aren’t saying that computer technicians are bad; we are just saying that trying to fix your computer is the smart and cheaper way to go first.

Check out the rest of the site and learn more about your computer. We will go over:

  • Common Computer Problems
  • Why your computer is slow
  • Online computer repairs (when your do it yourself doesn’t work)
  • And MUCH more!!

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Common Computer Problems

Most people know how to work a computer. They are aware of how to use it but once problems arise, they are completely clueless on what to do and what causes it in the first place. Here are a couple of common computer problems:

  • Blue Screen- Can be caused by hardware issues.
  • Freezing- Usually happens when you don’t update your computer.
  • Beeping Start up- Happens when you don’t clean or use your computer for some time.
  • Malwares , Adwares, Torjans, RansomWare etc

Computer is Slow

My computer is slow. What can I do?” That is the question that must be answered. However, before you can get to that, you must first understand WHY your computer slowed down in the first place. These are some of the culprits that you must watch out for:

  • Viruses/Malwares/Troajns – It could be a virus of a program that you download it last week
  • Maintenance- Have you defraged your computer?
  • Keep up with Updates.

Online Computer Repair

There are a wide variety of computer repair and optimization services available online. A simple Google search can help you get started to find the best online computer repair services available. With increased reliance on software versus hardware, increased utilization of cloud computing, and the ever prevalent spreading of viruses and spyware, many computer issues can be solved over the internet. If you are also interested on a job you can learn how to do computer online repair.

Positives to fixing your own computer –>

  • Pay less money than when using a technician
  • Learn the inside of your computer and how to fix it
  • Learn enough of it and start a business
  • There are a lot of courses online to learn how to fix your computer
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What To Do Next?
We have tried to make this the most complete website online for computer problems. If you can’t find the problem in the below pages or in the rest of our website feel free to contact us through our contact page and we will try to help you as best as we can.
You can check KnowledgeBase, Trojan, Threats, Adware, Malware, Spyware Library for more information on how to fix and repair PC issues.